About Us

Mission Green is a theme project spearheaded by Rotary International District 9211 Governor KennethWycliff Mugisha whose aim is to mobilize the community and resources for the restoration and protection of the environment.

Governor Ken starting with this Rotary Year 2017-2018 has chosen to focus on promotion of protecting and restoring our green  through improving livelihoods of people in our communities with a five (5) year commitment to plant and grow a minimum of 10 million trees and also help improve the income levels of 5,000 households.

The words of Governor Ken Mugisha, and we quote “The effects of climate change are with us, and the statistic speak for themselves with some here for all of us to see”

Here in East Africa where we dominantly use biomass-based fuels, and in particular wood that we consume in the form of charcoal and firewood is our main source of energy for both rural and urban areas. According to the Uganda National Charcoal Survey 2015-2016, 94% of Ugandans use wood bio mass for energy. In the rapidly growing urban centers, on average 50.2% of the population use charcoal for cooking. An estimated forest surface of 115 football fields is used for cooking every day – either in form of firewood or charcoal.

This has seen the forest cover decrease rapidly as the demand for wood is expected to triple by 2025, posing a grave threat to our resource base and biodiversity as well as making us increasingly vulnerable to disease and poverty.

Rotary Mission Green aims to reverse the trend of deforestation, enable extensive afforestation, enhance forest and tree resource and support communities in a sustainable way through harnessing forest goods and services to realize socio-economic development.

At this early stage, Mission Green has embarked on deliberate activities to reverse the adverse effects of the global climate change phenomenon, and these have have multi-pronged in some of the following ways.

  • Provided Tree Seedlings got from donations by existing Tree Nurseries, and but hope for the long term create own stock of these seedlings.
  • Working with Rotary Clubs, we have identified spare land from individuals and undertaken reforestation through provision of tree seedlings.
  • Enlisted partnerships with institutional bodies such as government agencies and urban authorities, schools and hospitals who we hope will offer the land, manpower and long term support in the upkeep of the planted trees.
  • Started on the promotion of energy efficiency for cooking in large institutions like prisons, schools, universities and  hospitals where there is large usage of fossil fuels.
  • Launched Mission Green at the national level in Uganda and Tanzania
  • Started a vigorous outreach program through Rotary Clubs to mobilize support through launch of Mission Green activities at the Club level